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The Truth About Realistic Icons February 25, 2011

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Realism traces back to the 1850s when this movement spread in French art. Over the 100’s of years it came through all types of art and design. Realism in web design is effectively represented by Realistic web icons.

Realistic icons background


Realistic Web Icons Benefits.

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Realistic icons are crucial elements of the ultra-modern pieces of software, applications and add-ons.

As far as you know websites require special ways of representation and promotion. One example of these methods is including realistic icons into the web page design. They help users to get a effective initial impression of what business area and what products he/she is going to have to do with. The icons should be placed on web site homepage to be noticeable at once.

Surely if you wish to have icons that fulfil all your requirements you have to hire the professional designer who can create some unique set of icons. But take into account that such method of creating of realistic icons is quite expensive and takes a great deal of time. After all the results of custom order aren’t clear. Sometimes even professional web-site designers create not exactly that you want. In order to save time and smoothen things down they take icons designed earlier and simply play with the colors and shades, use some other effects and sell realistic icons as unique items. Though in fact they are not.

Finding authoritative icons resources it’s another way of getting wonderful web icons. They’re different Realistic web icons stocks and providers on the net. You see what you buy and the price may occur essentially lower than in case with custom orders. Besides, you save much valuable time. Thus for finding nice and inexpensive realistic icons stocks are much more preferable. All these benefits make icon stocks the great deal.

Some helpful tips for utilizing realistic icons

If you decide to produce a realistic icon first of all you need to build the basic pictograms. It should look simple and motivated enough to create one icon significantly differ from another. Also it should look vivid enough if being displayed at worse resolution. The person should be able to identify the icon meaning just by looking at its outlines for a short period of time. How to check your icons? If it’s possible to discern the icon within less than a second – it is well done.

When you find the formula of the basic silhouette and it is stable you possibly can make realistic icons more eye-catching by adding decorative elements. Icons really should not be overloaded with the details and color tints. Icons should look well design and also reserved. You may make the edges anti-aliased. So keep in mind the simple rule – the decoration shouldn’t detract from the icons essence and functions.

Vector format in which the icons are stored makes them pretty easy to modify. It enables you to resize, rotate, adjust the edges and edit outlines. You can even change the color scheme and add more details and so on. And don’t be worried – there’s no need to have extra knowlages in web design.

If you wish to design the interface layout of the new software program or IT services – Realistic icons may be very helpful in this task. Designing top quality, eye-catching and good-looking realistic icons is not an easy task. Truly realistic pictures may be produced only if you take and modify the high-resolution photos. So keep this in your mind.


Vintage Web Icons And Characters As The First Step To The Amazing Vintage Web Icons And Characters

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Vintage web icons is one of the most noticeable and easy-to-apply graphical elements you may use in your web site to make it look archaic. With a help of vintage web icons it is easy to create the vintage atmosphere at your site Also use vintage typography, less-saturated colors and retro textures. Your website visitors will definitely like antique air of your new design.

Retro trend is all about the styles of the70s and 80s. Speaking about retro advertising art it appeared in 1950. Today with a help of computer technologies you can put a new face on this type of art and easily use its characters in web site design and printing. Often such faces in the vintage web icons are retro cars, pin-up girls, soldiers and politicians of the former times as well.Most frequently used retro cars are Fiat 500, the 1970 Dodge Challenger, the 1969 Chevrolet Samara, the 1964 Ford Mustang etc. You can easily find Vintage web icons that include hints to retro cars concepts. This will help to attract much more attention to your web site layout. They are ideal for the internet sites concerning auto sales, transporting services, tour sites etc.Also you can face a such well-known character as a pin-up model that is used in vintage icons design as well as other web page graphics styling. Typically it presents images of how the really sexy and attractive woman should look like. Pin-up images are great for vintage web icons or clip-art designed for the model agencies, websites regarding health and beauty areas.

In case you have a web page that is connected with military and security guard you may successfully use images of soldiers and officers with outdated appearance to attract much more interest and win the visitors trust.

There is no limit in usage of specific characters. You may apply creativity and use them unconventionally. This will help to make people surprise and thus remember your web site.

Patterns and Typography for vintage icons

Highly recommended Vintage patterns in vintage icons design:

  • patterns containing vintage papers;
  • with vintage frames;
  • with outmoded florals;
  • paper and bagging, gold-cloth as the texture fabric;
  • wooden or bronze textures for vintage icons.

Authentic fonts to be used for developing vintage icons titles, content headings and texts are Matchbook, Bazar Medium, Embossed, Hill House,-Fontleroy Brown, Fusty Saddle, Just Old Fashion, Goudy Bookletter 1911, Rocket Script, Parisian, Star Avenue etc. Feel free to discover and purchase on the web the best appropriate fonts that will perfect match your design.

If being relevant to the topic, general style and idea of your web page vintage-inspired layout is supposed to look contemporary and appropriate, but no old-fashioned. The goal is to create the warm and noble, antique feel using Vintage icons and also images and styled blocks for the internet site design. Without doubt your visitors will come back to your online site with a happy smile again and again.

But try not to make your vintage design look too stuffy, you must be aware that professional design is formal-looking and the major emphasis should be made on the products, services or content material your internet site offers.


Simple Icons As Best Representative Of Minimalistic Internet Page Design February 24, 2011

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Simple icons are created not to make the design exquisite but instead minimal and contemporary. Light-weight Simple icons are meant to be built to increase internet site user interaction.

Minimalistic web page design – prevalent trend

Minimalistic design implies simplicity and light-weight elements such as Simple icons. This kind of icons doesn’t have complex wordings, figures, textures and patterns. Often less even indicates more. It depends on areas and extent. Web site design is just such area.

Minimalistic design is rather an unexpected trend at present. So far as you know high modern technologies have one big drawback – often they resulted in the loss of simplicity. Blending minimalistic web design with CSS3 and HTML5 is becoming more well-liked and makes you believe that combining simple elegance and usability is the method for your site success. Simple doesn’t mean primitive. Websites with simple design often contain brave and off-color effects and actively use CSS and Ajax.

The most significant features of the present day simple web page design:

  • grid based design;
  • simple icons;
  • light shading and reserved color transition;
  • light texture of patterns and backgrounds (often transparent like);
  • more empty or white space;
  • simple shapes and figures, clear lines;
  • less amount of various bright colors;
  • clear and readable typography;

2d Icons

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2D icons are actually notable for their flexibility. This is achieved by the peculiarity of rendering them at various resolutions suitable for various output devices.

2D Icons items:

  • raster pictures (digital graphics);
  • styled text as a typeset for 2D Icons;
  • vector models (geometric graphics).

These items can be managed by 2D transformations for example rotation, scaling or angular position etc. Meshing simple models you will get more advanced ones.

Because of the layers technique 2D web icons can create the illusion of all 3D characteristics such as shadow, reflection or highlighting. The layers should keep the definite hierarchy and order carefully. This makes modifying 2D icons and similar objects simpler.

2.5D Icons

2Dicons also are widely recognized as 2.5D models. This technology allows site designers to work with any layer with no need of touching the others. The most of the prominent graphics editors choose this type of 2D object development.

2.5D is a synonym to pseudo 3D. It means “two-and-a-half-dimensional” graphics. Models that were developed with a help of with 2.5D technology appear to be tridimensional while in fact they aren’t. The featured projection represents both front and side views.

This technology used for designing 2D icons is frequently achieved by the special lighting effect. 3D illusion can be reached due to the virtual light source to the left or to the right side and above the users monitor.


Vintage Icons – Grab The Attention Of Your Visitors! February 22, 2011

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Retro steadily increases its right place in the modern internet site design field. Vintage web icons symbolizing the old-time styling are the message of classic beauty and noble taste, Vintage design trend arouses gentle feeling in the visitors hearts.Present day webpage style receives some vintage twist. Retro and Vintage are becoming the well-known trends in the contemporary digital art. Vintage web icons, textures, patterns and clip-art are so enchanting and mysterious. They make you plunge into the atmosphere of the old good times, when everything appeared to be so simple, harmless and noble. People always associate childhood or youth with happy times. Therefore vintage style revives due to this psychological peculiarity of the human nature.

Learn all about retro style in the present day internet site design industry

Speaking about retro in simple terms we’d outline an aged or culturally outdated trend that has become some conscious norm in today’s art. It is simple to find sights of retro style in the contemporary internet site design in the form of vintage icons, old-styled backgrounds, aged photography etc. No doubt it gives some zest to the look and feel of the ordinary web pages.

The new retro style quite often incorporates the Web 2.0 look with a vintage twist. It requires to combine the present day clean blocks and the outdated ones. Also there’s a necessity to combine aged design elements like Vintage web icons, styles and color palettes.


Everything You Want To Know About Simple Icons February 21, 2011

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We can easily say that among the main features of minimalistic design are Simple icons. Don’t forget that simple icons as well as other design elements should be used moderately. Simple icons are meant to be used where they’re absolutely essential and eliminated where it is possible. Optional simple web icons are to be refrained from repetition or eluded. They may serve multiple functions.

Limited amount of color, reserved shades, clear elements, soft lighting are being used for simple web icons design. One of the best benefits of Simple web icons is that they don’t distract website visitors from the main idea of your internet site.

The following rules for simple icons design can be outlined:

  • minimal usage of duplication
  • less amount of graphical elements
  • maximum intuitive clarity
  • clear typography in simple web icons
  • less icons

How to develop minimalistic design with simple web icons

Don’t forget about lightweight background textures and patterns. They are also important for the design and content perception as well as simple icons. The eyes should focus on the web-site content or some important blocks but not on the background pattern or image itself. So the background should be of a light simple shade making it secondary compared with the foreground items like simple web icons.

Clear typography is an additional notable feature of the lightweight and clear design. Simple icons names (if there’re any) should be precise, meaningful and equivalent to their function. Headings placed on simple web icons should be of readable font and large enough for easy reading.

Also for developing a great clean simple icons design you can use enough white or empty space. Extra spaces keep elements more readable. As a result it is less difficult to work with them. In case you use some extra space between simple web icons this dont harm to the design of your site at all.

Speaking about the minimalistic trend in general it is not totally minimal. Despite its large amount of white space there are still some simple icons, light textures, neat styles and bold fonts. Minimal is just not exactly the same as simple. From the very begining minimal meant plain typographic excluding images and styling. Nowadays there’s a great amount of various websites over the Internet. That’s why modern design requires something more than black text on white background. Reducing design elements to the most essential items you can add more zest to your web site layout with some uncommon coloring, catchy simple icons, half-transparent and lightweight textures and patterns.

Simple is often used as a synonym of smart. While creating the modern website design you should bear in mind the eternal truth stating that genius is based on simplicity. Simple web icons is the greatest choice if you would like your internet-site look fantastic and professional.